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Elder with Children and Grandchildren

If you are an elder or an elder married couple with adult children and grandchildren, you want to make sure that your children inherit your assets smoothly and without the burdens of estate administration. You may even want to leave their inheritance in a trust to protect it from divorce, business creditors, and other risks so that you know those funds will eventually reach your grandchildren.

We set up trusts for children that are both fair and flexible to give you peace of mind that your inheritance will last past one generation. We also create trusts for children or grandchildren who may have poor spending habits, addictions, and other serious challenges. We also encounter situations where an adult child may be estranged from you or your spouse and can discuss disinheritance and trusts to work around difficult family situations and to minimize the risk of a will contest.

If any of these concerns describe your family please contact us to get a discussion started.

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