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Elder On My Own

If you're an elder without a spouse or children and you are living on your own, it's even more critical that you have a comprehensive estate plan naming trusted people to take care of you, your health care decisions, your finances, and your estate. You may also be worried about your own incapacity and who would take care of you if you were not able to make decisions on your own. Relying on friends and neighbors for such important decisions can be tricky. Often, they are the same age as you. You could rely on banks or trust companies to act as a Trustee or Executor for you but they will not be able to act for health care decisions or as Power of Attorney for you.

This is where our firm comes in. For clients who have no one else to turn to, we offer comprehensive fiduciary services including acting as your Executor, Trustee, Power of Attorney, and Health Care Agent. We have done so for several Bergen County orphaned elders with great success and the highest level of fiduciary duty.

If you think you may need such services, please contact us to get a discussion started.

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